Vertis Aviation’s Partnership with Tom Harrow

Tom Harrow's Top Picks for Vertis Aviation's Wine of The Month

Did you know that, at altitude, your ability to perceive sweetness drops by up to 25%?

When you’re enjoying the experience of private aircraft charter with Vertis Aviation, you want enjoy everything to its fullest. Especially when it comes to wining and dining!

That’s why we teamed up with Honest Grapes, the quality wine marketplace. They have helped us source a ‘Wine of the Month’ every month this year, optimised for drinking at altitude.

Our clients expect only the very best from us, and we want to exceed those expectations. Which is why, when it comes to wine, we turned to Tom Harrow, Wine Director of Honest Grapes. He has been steadfastly researching which wines taste best at altitude. Here are a selection of his recent recommendations…

Clemens Busch Auslese 2009

This slightly sweet German Riesling comes from one of the world’s iconic wine producers, Clemens Busch.

Its sweetness means that even as you recline in your seat thousands of feet in the air and take your first sip, you still feel the fruit character and richness of the wine. Perfect as a dessert wine or even as an aperitif.

From the Mosel region of Germany, nobody does a Riesling quite like Clemens Busch. As Honest Grapes say themselves: “I’ve tasted thousands of Rieslings over the years and nowhere on Earth have I found Rieslings to compare with these.”

The 2011 Mascot

Described by Tom Harrow as “probably the greatest Napa Cabernet that you’ve not heard of”, this gorgeous drop comes the famous Harlan family in the United States.

Originally made back in 2008 for family and friends, Honest Grapes have a small, exclusive allocation of bottles, as only 2,500 cases are made. As a result of The Mascot’s ripe and juicy tannins, this is a perfect wine for drinking at altitude, and doesn’t suffer from creating a dehydrating effect on your palette.

Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino ‘Madonna del Piano’ 2003

This is a perfect wine for tasting while soaring through the sky. Juicy and forward, this bold red from Tuscany is big and rich but with plenty of elegance to go along with it.

Just beginning to mature, the tannins are soft, offering delicious drinking not just now but in the future.

We at Vertis Aviation are delighted that our partnership with Honest Grapes is introducing us to so many perfect flight-friendly vintages, and we love being able to share their knowledge with our clients.

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