VA Footprints

VA Footprints

We have introduced a new carbon offset programme which commits to offsetting 100% of carbon emissions generated by all charter flights that we arrange.

The programme, named VA Footprints, ensures that customers on each charter flight, no matter its route or distance, will have the associated greenhouse gas emissions offset at no expense to them.

 Vertis will pay the full carbon credit amount, on behalf of the customer, to demonstrate its commitment to a lower carbon aviation future, and the importance it gives to the growing climate crisis. All charters will fall under the VA Footprints scheme.

We are taking an innovative approach by varying the organisations that we contribute funds to. We want to use this opportunity to ensure that the donations we make are directed towards real issues that correlate to our client’s movements. Our business has always been client driven and this is an extension of that philosophy.

To support the initiative, we will be issuing a monthly newsletter detailing the projects that receive funding, the reasons for selection, and the amount of metric tonnes of carbon emissions that have been offset.  We encourage all of our clients to make additional contributions, as well as offset emissions each and every time they fly.