The Benefits of Flying Private for Business Travel

Luxury Travel via private jet

Here at Vertis Aviation, we are often asked the same questions about flying on a private plane: “what are the benefits of flying private versus flying on a commercial aircraft?” and “isn’t flying private considered a luxury?”. This blog is dedicated to answering these questions!

There are many advantages to private jet travel. For businesses of all sizes, private jet travel can provide unique advantages that help further your business objectives.

While it’s true that private jet accommodations can be luxurious, the real advantages of flying on a private plane are convenience and efficiency.

For high-level executives, reducing downtime is invaluable. Travelling becomes a quick, seamless process with the introduction of private aviation.  For example, passengers don’t have to fly out of busy hub airports unless they want to. If they live or work near a smaller general aviation airport, they can depart from there and avoid traffic typically found at large commercial airports. Once you leave, your private jet can land at whichever airport is closest to your destination. This way, you can spend more time in your final destination and less time getting there!

Additionally, instead of arriving at the airport hours early to deal with checking in and long security lines, executives and their team can arrive immediately before takeoff. Security screening processes are far quicker meaning you will move through the FBO very swiftly. Also, if you’re running late, the aircraft waits for you. There are no plane changes during the journey, so there’s no reason to sprint across busy airports to catch connecting planes.

Similarly, if you need to visit multiple cities in different areas of the country for meetings, private aviation can provide incredible cost-saving advantages. Instead of flying commercial and taking multiple days to travel back and forth, private travel can reduce this trip to a single day. Save yourself paying for multiple nights at hotels and meals for you and your team, meetings can now happen in one day!

Once you’re on the plane, you can choose when to eat and drink whatever you desire. Whether you’re craving haute cuisine with Champagne or kung pao chicken, the menu on board your private jet is entirely up to you. While a first class flight may offer a decent meal, this level of customisation, down to the brand of tea you prefer, just cannot be met on a commercial airline.

Being productive on a commercial flight is next to impossible. With the distractions around you and absolutely no privacy, working or discussing sensitive information just isn’t part of flying commercial.

Private Aviation is just that…private. The only people on board are those invited! With quiet and privacy, your team has the ability to go over important details for an upcoming meeting, discuss company strategy and complete meaningful work whilst in the air. On the other hand, depending on the aircraft, passengers can listen to music, watch movies or even satellite TV. They can walk around and change seats and on overnight flights, comfortable beds can be arranged.

Not only is working whilst aboard an option, but there are also many other business perks. For example, there is a huge amount of status to be earned by flying privately. Smaller businesses, in particular, can use private aviation as a way to impress potential clients and partners.

These reasons are just a few of the countless benefits of travelling by private jet. While flying private may be costly, it can be more economical to rent a private jet when sharing the costs with friends or business associates. Furthermore, if time is money, the time-saving element more than balances the initial cost.

So, next time you’re planning a holiday or a business trip, consider flying private with Vertis Aviation. Though we feel we should warn you, once you fly private, it may be hard to go back!

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