Our Private Jet Booking App has Landed

Private Jet Charter Flight Booking App

Our new, free app simplifies the charter of a private jet booking and allows you to book individual executive jet seats, source near-real time charter flight information, and access empty leg data for private jet flights.
Reserve a seat on an existing private jet flight at rates comparable to, or lower than business class fares with the Book A Seat feature. If you’re looking for the convenience of private jet travel while effectively managing travel budgets, this booking app will definitely appeal to you.
The Empty Leg Watchlist feature allows you to set up alerts to receive data about empty legs on preferred or regularly flown routes. The Watch List alert includes details about departure and arrival points, aircraft type, how many passengers can fly, availability and associated competitive pricing.
The app also generates quotes for traditional charter flights for all sizes of aircraft with confirmed international availability and trip fees* appearing in the My Quote section.

*all fees are approximate until confirmed by Vertis team member.