The Aircraft

Bombardier Global 6000 (SA)

The Bombardier Global 6000 is the ultimate corporate aircraft as it boasts one of the tallest, widest and longest passenger cabins in its class, which allows fifteen passengers to be seated in extreme comfort. The Bombardier Global 6000 also boasts incredible performance and endurance putting city pairs line Beijing – Paris or Moscow – Miami within easy reach.

Entry into service 2015
Crew Two (2) cockpit crew and one (1) flight attendant
SEATING/SLEEPING CONFIGURATION Fifteen (15) seats and sleeps six (6)
ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATION Satellite telephone, internet, multi-region DVD and Airshow
Cabin length 48.35 ft (14.7 m)
Cabin width 8.17 ft (2.49 m)
Cabin height 6.25 ft (1.91 m)
Operating Partner Fireblade Aviation
Home Base Johannesburg - JNB or Farnborough - FAB