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Boeing Business Jet (BM)

The Boeing Business Jet is a truly intercontinental aircraft. With a huge (75m2), unique and comfortable cabin this aircraft is at the pinnacle of private aviation. The aircraft has a range of 5,500nm and can easily operate non-stop Los Angeles to Paris with 16 passengers. Combined with outstanding on-board amenities this BBJ is a true leader.

Registered Bermuda
Maintained Switzerland
Crew Two (2) cockpit crew, one (1) flight engineer and two (2) flight attendants.
Seating configuration Eighteen (18) seats and sleeps eleven (11)
Entertainment & communication State of the art entertainment system, high speed WiFi which can be uniquely configured for VIP / staff use, in-flight cameras and satphone. U.S. Visa Waiver approved operator.
Cabin length 79.2 ft (24.14 m)
Cabin width 11.7 ft (3.56 m)
Cabin height 7.1 ft (2.16 m)
Floor area 807 ft2 (75m2)