The Aircraft

Airbus Corporate Jet A319 ACJ (DE)

The Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) is a long range Airbus corporate jet available for charter out of Moscow Vnukovo. It represents the ultimate in comfort and luxury with a custom interior designed by the world renowned Tim Callies. The interior features a dedicated double or twin bedroom with ensuite facilities and shower. The ACJ has the capability to fly 18 passengers between city pairs such as Moscow – New York or Abu Dhabi – London with ease.

Entry into service 2012
Crew 2 cockpit crew and 2 flight attendants
Seating/sleeping configuration Eighteen (18) seats and sleeps sixteen (16)
Maximum Range 4,800 nm
Entertainment & communication Satellite telephone, multi-region DVD, Wi-Fi, video on demand and Airshow. U.S. Visa Waiver approved operator
Cabin length 78.01 ft (23.78 m)
Cabin width 12.13 ft (3.70 m)
Cabin height 7.05 ft (2.15 m)
Operating Partner K5-Aviation GmbH
Home Base Moscow - VKO