Happy 8th Birthday to us here at Vertis Aviation

We love a birthday here at Vertis Aviation and we get even more excited when that birthday belongs to us!

On the 8th October, we turned 8 years old, which has meant that for 8 years we have been providing our clients with the very best in boutique jet charters. Allowing you to travel around the world, transporting you to their chosen destinations and always doing it in style.

The history of how Vertis Aviation was created

It was 2010 when two companies came together in order to create Vertis Aviation. These companies were Glaronia Aviation and 28 East. Both of these founding companies had already spent some time working within the aviation industry, however, they decided that the time had come to bring their ideas and visions together, creating a brand new company and a service that they hoped would be a huge success.

They each brought their own expertise to the table when creating Vertis Aviation. 28 East had an extensive knowledge around aircraft operations, costs and of course charter sales potential. This was then teamed with the knowledge presented within Glaronia Aviation, a private jet company who wanted to excel when delivering their clients’ needs.

These two companies came together and 8 years ago they created something truly spectacular. Something that is not only popular but is also a viable and sought after company, offering the very best in service to its clients.

Where we are now and the future of Vertis Aviation

So, how far have we come in those 8 years? We believe that our business has only grown and grown over that time, becoming a go to aviation company for the elite travellers of the world. We transport people to business meetings, on honeymoon or simply if they want to reach their chosen destination in style and thanks to our amazing fleet, you can always be sure that we will have the ideal plane for you.

Whilst we may see great things for our future, we are truly grateful for everything that we have been able to achieve over the past 8 years and we are really looking forward to taking our mission and dream even further over the next 8 years.

We just hope that our trusted clients and customers will keep coming to us to ensure that their trip, no matter where it is to, or why, is always one to remember and will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Contact us today: Zug +41 (0) 41 727 2288