Top Ten for Ten – Most Surprising Refreshments

One of the many benefits of flying privately is being able to set your own menu. This month’s Top Ten for Ten covers the most surprising requests for food and beverages in-flight received over our last decade.

Quite often, the simple things prove more popular with fine wine and extravagant meals making way for household names and comfort dining. Our boutique approach here at Vertis Aviation ensures all our passengers enjoy their preferred inflight dining option whether it be beluga caviar or a simple Big Mac.

Some requests may be expected, others less so. What would you choose?

1. Nutella

The sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread is beloved by many. Delectable spread on bread, as a dip for fruit, or relished by the spoonful, Nutella is a firm favourite for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a number of our passengers. It is said that the amount of Nutella sold in one year can be spread across 1,000 soccer fields – fitting considering it is always requested by one of the world’s favourite soccer players.

2. Petrus wine

The prestigious Petrus wine, made primarily from Merlot grapes, is one of the most expensive wines originating from Bordeaux. With a price point starting between $2,000 to $3,000 per bottle, or more, depending on the vintage, Petrus is known for its intensity, elegance, and complex aromas. Bottles still exist from as early as 1915.

3. Nando’s and KFC

Chicken is frequently requested on flights, particularly from Nando’s and KFC. Nando’s famed signature peri-peri style chicken and the household favourite Kentucky-style fried chicken are perennially popular. Both options offer passengers a comforting, hearty meal that may bring home a little closer to them.

4. Locally sourced bottled water

The green movement is increasingly prominent, and our clients are considering sustainability more regularly. One of our regular passengers requests only bottled water, sourced from the departure country. Yes, that’s right – Evian sourced from Evian de Bains on flights departing from Geneva, Switzerland, FIJI water on flights collected from the volcanic tropical island, and Tasmanian Rain from Australia. It has reputedly never touched the ground, you don’t get much purer than that.

5. Heinz ketchup

“It has to be Heinz” – not only the company’s tagline but an equally common client request. The most recognized ketchup worldwide, Heinz has been a household staple for the last 150 years. Perfect for dipping fries or as a condiment for hamburgers and hotdogs, our customers insist on having the original Heinz to accompany their meals.

6. Shake Shack

The American burger chain is renowned for its delectable burgers, secret sauce, and five mouth-watering flavours of milkshakes. It’s no surprise that our clients departing from the United States will often request Shake Shack for their inflight meal. Vertis arranged a Shake Shack experience on board a BBJ for one fanatical set of clients.

7. Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial

Refreshing yet sweet, this champagne is best served in a balloon shaped wine glass filled with ice and topped with strawberries. Though uncommon for champagne to be enjoyed over ice, Moet’s Ice Imperial was the first champagne to be made for just this purpose. Fruity notes of mango, raspberry and guava make this a regular request.

8. Chinese take-out

Forget Hakkasan, one discerning customer requests Chinese take-out, from a specific restaurant in the heart of downtown Luton in the UK. Familiar dishes, personal favourites, and specific flavours make take-outs from preferred restaurants a popular choice, as clients seek home away from home moments during flight.

9. Pizza Hut

Who can resist the cheesy stuffed crust American-style pizza chain? Hearty and filling, pizza is a staple meal for many. With locations worldwide, clients flying regularly request to have Pizza Hut onboard.

10. Haribo gummy bears

… but none that are green. Perhaps the most unusual request – a bowl of gummy bears, but with the green ones removed. Supposedly launched by rock band Van Halen, this is an example of contractual testing, whereby customers put an unusual, detailed request in a contract to ensure it is thoroughly read. Vertis places great importance on attention to detail to ensure clients are fully satisfied, and if it requires no green bears, a Vertis team member will personally remove them.