Top Ten for Ten – Luxurious Travel Accessories

This month’s Top 10 for 10 from Vertis Aviation details desirable travel accessories regularly carried on board by clients. From practical document and digital device carriers, to products essential for well-being each item is a must have for any serious voyager.

1. Hermès Petit h Passport Holder

One item that is absolutely necessary for every traveller is a passport so, what better way to carry it than in a one-of-a-kind passport holder from Hermès’s petit h workshop. The printed silk twill lined interior surrounded by a supple calfskin layer on the outside safely envelops your passport. The petit h workshop enlists artisans and designers to craft individual pieces using spare materials not used by other Hermès métiers. Travel in style knowing no one else in the world has the same passport holder.

2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose’s patented technology continues to define noise cancelling technology. Microphones located on the inside and outside of the earcups, work to oppose any sounds to eliminate any potential disruption ensuring an undisturbed entertainment experience. A travel accessory essential.

3. Emma Willis Gesso Sky Linen Pyjamas

Rumored to be worn by the Prince of Wales and actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the handmade, UK-based Emma Willis lightweight, breathable linen pyjama set is the perfect choice for an overnight flight. Finished with mother of pearl buttons and a wide elastic waist band for comfort, this sleep set adds elegance and comfort to a good night’s sleep.

4. Caviar iPad Pro Diamond Apple

Russian brand Caviar is known for its limited-edition luxury renditions of well-known tech products and accessories. The Diamond Apple iPad Pro replaces the universally recognized Apple logo with the shape of an apple tree, is plated with double electroplated gold and bears apples encrusted with 81 natural diamonds. The rest of the case is made of a rare apple wood with an engraving of a perfect quote from Tim Cook for your travels. “Let your joy be in your journey – not in some distant goal”.

5. Dr. Sturm Flight Essentials Kit

Frequent flyers know that travelling by air can lead to dry, puffy skin, even for those with naturally oily complexions. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Flight Essentials Kit contains a cleanser, anti-pollution drops, face cream and mask, super anti-again serum, and calming serum to keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh, from start to finish.

6. Loro Piana Travel Pillow

By flying private, you’re choosing to fly in comfort. Enhance your long-haul journey with a Loro Piana travel pillow. This ultra-soft, cashmere blend pillow has ample padding to support your neck during your snooze or while watching your favourite film onboard.

7. Tiffany & Co Blanket and Sleeping Mask Set

The epitome of true luxury and elegance is impeccably embodied in this Tiffany & Co blanket and sleeping mask set. Emluating the hue of the Tiffany-blue each set includes a cashmere blanket, silk sleeping mask, and silk pouch, all designed to sleekly fit into your luggage.

8. Cartier Eyewear Aviator Sunglasses

Keep your eyes protected from the sun’s UV rays with these stylish, gold-tone metal aviator-style sunglasses. Passengers can enjoy the view from the air even in the sunniest conditions thanks to the darkened lenses, which not only provide protection but equally add Vogueish style.

9. Smythson Panama Marshall Travel Wallet

Crafted for international travel, this gorgeous, calf-leather travel wallet contains dedicated slots for all your important documents, such as your boarding pass, COVID docs, tickets, and currency. With more documents needed than ever before, this makes for an excellent addition to any travel set.

10. STOW Executive Leather Tech Case

This beautiful, handcrafted Spanish leather and Italian goat suede tech case is perfect for any business executive looking for a compact travel solution. Large enough to fit a 13” digital device this case will is a go-to for storing all your tech and travel necessities in one place.