The Best Lodges Around The World

Sometimes a city break or a traditional holiday away just doesn’t cut it, sometimes we want something more natural, maybe even a little off-grid. We’ve found various lodges and cabins for an adventurous stay, where they can feel closer to nature and have an experience outside of their comfort zone. An ode to escapism to get out of the suburban lifestyle and get their primal instincts twitching.
Here at Vertis Aviation, we’ve curated some of our favorite lodges.

Three Forks Ranch, Wyoming

Jumping onto the landing page of their website, Three Forks Ranch labels itself as the world’s only 5 billion star resort. It sits on the Wyoming-Colorado border next to the Little Snake River and features 200,000 acres surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The lodge has luxurious accommodations and a sublime spa that is 6,000 acres and exudes serenity, beauty, and luxuriousness of the Three Forks Ranch lifestyle with a range of treatments for both women and men.

Three Forks Ranch offers a luxurious stay but a wild adventure, offering up more than 50,000 acres of epic scenery, unmatched exclusivity, and ultimate privacy. Being one of Colorado’s premier ranching for wildlife properties with a dedication to wildlife conservation and maintaining healthy big game herds, which also include trophy class elk, mule deer, and pronghorn antelopes.

All of Three Forks guests enjoy the finest accommodations with their daily maid service, alongside world-class dining with complimentary beverage and snacks.

The Rest At Paws Up, Greenough, Montana

The Rest At Paws Up is a resort located in Montana, with over 37,000 acres of land with 28 luxury homes, 36 luxury tents and a guest capacity of 275 people. At The Rest, you could stay in one of the resorts, Big Timber Homes or you could check out Tent City which gives you a chance to experience a community made out of canvas. The resort’s tents are more like luxury hotel rooms, coming with their own en-suite bathrooms and heated floors. You know you’re getting the most premium experience with these offerings.

The Aloes Camp, South Africa

If you want to go somewhere warm and full of beautiful landscapes, vast mountaintops, and stunning exotic animals, the Aloe Camp in South Africa is the place to be. Their safaris are tailored to your needs and are situated in a place that has more species of mammals than anywhere else in the world, the abundance of antelope species in South Africa makes the Aloe Camp a hunters paradise.

The ranch is around 7000 acres situated in an open mountain area, a haven for 100+ indigenous trees, 150+ indigenous birds and up to 50 species of mammals, from the shy spotted Genet to the Buffalo, spectacular thunderstorms and sunsets can be seen in summer. The ranch is housed in a renovated 1870 farmhouse, the camp also features a pool, a bar, and a restaurant.

Tarr Farm, Exmoor, England

Tarr Farm is situated in Exmor, England and offers some of the highest quality opportunities in Europe. Tarr Farm are passionate about food, using only the finest local ingredients put together by an expert team. It was named one of the UK’s top 50 Gastropubs in 2017.

The Tarr Farm has only nine rooms but each one has been designed to provide the latest modern comforts. Giving a more wholesome feel to your stay compared to lodges we’ve covered previously.

Ox Ranch, Texas

Ox Ranch is 18,000 acres of the best Texas hill country hunting, legendary for its native and exotic experience with animals such as whitetail deer, turkeys, and 60+ additional species. Thousands of wildlife roam the free range land of over 18,000 acres. A few species you’ll find at Ox Ranch includes, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, elks and many more. Activities include giraffe feeding, driving and firing a WWII Sherman tank, machine gun shooting, skeet shooting, fishing, jet skiing, cave exploring.

Ox Ranch is also home to Drivetanks, which is labeled as the only place in the world you can drive and shoot real WW2 tanks.

Of course, Ox Ranch understands that hunting isn’t for everyone and prides itself in its accommodations, which rival many of the worlds finest resorts. With cabins being a piece of their history, dating back from the 1800s and have been rebuilt, log by log, to include modern comforts.

That was just a few examples of the best lodges around the world. If you’re planning to take a trip to go hunting or to just go and explore, these would be perfect for you and the family and would be a good escape from usual life.