Revisiting Private Jet Charter

As the easing of lock-down restrictions commences, we are receiving an increasing number of calls from existing and new customers wanting to understand how business jet charter can safely support their travel needs in a post-covid world. From our perspective the many benefits of private charter still hold true. In fact, many of the benefits of travelling by privately chartered aircraft, and the disadvantages of commercial travel, are currently amplified.

In the pre-pandemic world, a fundamental advantage of aircraft charter was the ability to buy time. In a world driven predominantly by economics, this was truly invaluable. Yet in a post-pandemic world the spotlight will shift to shine a light on our ability to deliver a supremely safe travel experience, while saving time.

Flying with an airline takes valuable hours out of a daily schedule and the suggested post-pandemic safety measures will extend travel times significantly. Potential lengthened check-in times and health inspections at every juncture will make travel with commercial carriers even more painful. The endless queues and waiting will be exacerbated by the need to maintain socially acceptable distances, even when travelling in business or first class. The number of traditional hub and spoke links, which were already inflexible, will be reduced, as will aircraft capacity. Airlines are being forced into only running flights that will support company longevity. Many existing routes will disappear, availability will decline, and fare prices are likely to rise in the long term.

For C-Suite executives, government officials, families travelling for leisure, groups of friends, sports teams, touring performers, or any other travellers seeking time-efficient transport combined with a reduced risk of exposure to the covid virus, private aviation is really the only solution. The ability to arrive at a small private airport, potentially drive straight to the aircraft stairs and board a jet that has been thoroughly sanitised is highly appealing. Even if there is a requirement to pass through a private terminal for immigration or security reasons, these are designed to give passengers and crew their own space prior to boarding, ironically social distancing was already the norm in these environments.

Once in flight the level of interaction between the crew and passengers can be tailored to the passengers’ preference. With pre-health and travel checks completed during trip-planning, passengers can be confident that the crew on board present minimal risk to health. On arrival at the destination passengers will be guided through another peaceful private terminal, or directly to a pre-approved car service waiting at the aircraft steps. The risks are mitigated, stress-free travel assured.

It is simply the case that travelling via private aircraft makes more sense than ever. The need to travel as safely as possible is now our guiding principle when arranging flights, and we are working hard on providing a variety of charter solutions to meet these needs. The travel paradigms have transformed, and we look forward to supporting your travel needs going forward.


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