More than one way to fly

Recent reports suggest that the business aviation sector is noting signs of recovery, although activity is still down compared to the same period in 2019. WingX data reports that North America is leading the recovery, although still lagging some 34 percent year on year, while Africa and Asia reflect a 35% reduction. Europe is down 50%, but here at Vertis we are seeing a resurgence in interest from clients recognising the advantages of using private aviation to fulfill their travel requests.

As we approach the summer season requests for flights to support vacation plans are on the rise. Working from home did not mean taking a break, we know as well as many that working from home can be as intense as regular office life and vacations are still essential for well-being. In addition, business executives are keen to kick-start their commercial activity across countries and continents. Supporting the supply chain has never been more vital and to do this we are also arranging cargo flights on demand.

During June we have seen quite an uptick in demand for business travel by private jet.

Travelling safely, minimising risk and reduced travel times have become key prerequisites for many of our customers. Private aircraft charter satisfies these wishes perfectly. With commercial aviation still incredibly limited we are pleased to support our existing and new clients as the need to take a well-earned holiday, or meet with international colleagues and customers, drives demand.

Flights of all kinds are still operating within the restrictive parameters of differing border closures, lockdowns and quarantines. However, we are providing numerous ways to access private charter to satisfy our customers’ varying travel demands. These include traditional ad-hoc charter requests for those that need individual trips arranged. For organisations looking for guaranteed availability our block hour agreements ensure ready availability and a certainty of cost per hour to support budgeting. Repatriation flights continue to be available from anywhere to anywhere in the world where we can safely provide aircraft within COVID-19 lockdown and border closure restrictions. For those based in the USA we support a membership program which gives clients the equivalent of wholesale pricing for a nominal annual fee. Underpinning any charter is a focus on keeping our customers safe.

We continue to repatriate passengers back to their home countries

Our unique business model provides direct access to specific aircraft including a Bombardier Global 6000, Dassault Falcon 900EX, a Bombardier Global 5000 as well as a Bombardier Challenger 350. For larger groups we market an ERJ145 seating up to 50 passengers or up to four tonnes of cargo based out of West Africa, and in Europe we support a Boeing 737- 400 which in an all economy configuration carries 148 passengers. The ERJ145 is busy with cargo and passenger flights while the B737-400 is serving repatriation flights or being chartered for routes not currently well served by commercial carriers.

The Boeing 737 is the newest addition to our exclusive portfolio of aircraft for charter

With our exclusively marketed portfolio we are confident we know its travel history and are keeping detailed documents to ensure we meet and exceed the health guidelines. Our charter company partners are selected based on the rigorous standards of their safety procedures and their attention to keeping passengers and crew healthy. We recognise the importance of maintaining the highest levels of hygiene possible to safeguard our customers.

We take the health and safety of all of our flying customers very seriously

The ability to fly for work, leisure or diverse personal reasons is becoming essential again. Vertis is focused on minimising the risk and maximising the efficiency of private aircraft charter for our customers. This is why we are creating as many ways to fly as possible. We look forward to supporting your new travel needs and encourage you to talk with us about how we can enable your preferred itinerary.

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