Enrich your Italy travel plans: Top 5 things to do in Italy!

Italy is a country synonymous with priceless art and architecture, steeped in history and natural beauty from its ancient cities to jaw-dropping rolling hills. We associate this wonderful country with the world’s very best cuisine, vibrant fascinating culture and an enviable lifestyle of indulgence and pleasure best known as La Dolce Vita.

No matter what your motivation is for visiting Italy, there really is something for everyone to taste, see, hear and be inspired by. Town or city, tourist trap or off the beaten track, we should all visit Italy at least once but it’s worth returning time and time again for something new.

In this blog we run through some of our five favourite things to do in Italy. Regardless of what you decide to do, nothing can surpass private charter from Vertis Aviation when it comes to getting to Italy in style, comfort and elegance.


Private tours around the wonders of Rome

The Colosseum, Rome

While Rome and The Vatican are swarmed with thousands of tourists every year, very few people experience the wonders of Italy’s capital in the intimate details of a private tour. Private tours of the Sistine Chapel for example, used to be the sole preserve of celebrities and politicians. Now though, you can get a front-row after-hours view of all the Chapel’s magnificence.

Private tours are also available for many Vatican museums as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. So why not see the capital’s crown jewels without the crowds? Private tours are also available in Florence – another great architectural city at many of its great landmarks.

Visit the Italian lakes

Lake Garda, Italy

There’s nowhere quite like the Italian lakes for living La Dolce Vita. Sit drinking a beautiful Italian red, either overlooking the water or on your own yacht and let the beauty of your surroundings wash over you.

Italy’s largest lake is the magnificent Lake Garda, and is tremendously popular with outdoor enthusiasts – with windsurfing, canyoning and mountain biking common pursuits. Another stunning vista, Lake Como, rest among charming villages, neoclassical villas and blooming gardens. All these sights have some of the world’s finest luxury hotels within easy reach.

For the ultimate experience on the lakes, charter a private yacht from Vertis Aviation.


Luxury shopping

Shopping in Milan

With Milan being one of the world’s fashion capitals, it naturally follows that Italy should be home to some of the world’s best shopping experiences. Italy contains some of the world’s most prestigious shopping streets – the Via del Corso in Rome, Via de’ Tornabuoni in Florence, Via Monte Napoleone, but perhaps the most exclusive is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. There, the cheapest article of clothing will set you back ten thousand euros.

These streets serve not just as showcases for the world’s fashion houses, but as tourist destinations in their own right. So even if you won’t be buying a new wardrobe, they’re well worth a visit.


Experience the passion of Italian sport

Guiseppe Meazza Stadium, Italy

Italy’s motoring heritage can be more than something you read about, but something you can feel the full power of from behind the wheel. The home of Ferrari and Lamborghini, you can drive these supercars for yourself at one of Italy’s many Grand Prix circuits, including Monza.

Italy’s also obsessed with football and home to a number of historic clubs. Milan’s two giants – AC Milan and Internazionale – share the historic Guissepe Meazza stadium. The Rome derby is a fiercely contested affair between AS Roma and Lazio, but the biggest force in Italian football right now is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus. Nicknamed ‘The Old Lady’, the Turn club play at the ultra-modern Allianz Stadium, perfect for the executive box experience.


Eat and sleep like a Roman Emperor

Italian Cuisine

You can’t fail to be blown away by the divine taste of Italian food and wine. Nearly all the major cities are full of Michelin-starred restaurants where only the very best, freshest ingredients are used. Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world, meaning there’s always a great drop to accompany any meal.

Wherever there is fine dining there are luxurious, fabulous palaces in which to spend your nights, as Italy is home to some of the globe’s finest hotels.

Whether for an extended stay or a short break, travelling to Italy via private charter is sure to take you to a land of beauty, history and unforgettable experiences.

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