2019 at a Glance

The new year is finally upon us. What an exciting year 2018 has been for us at Vertis Aviation. We are still so proud to have won the Vista Jet award for Most Times Around The World in 2018, cementing the hard work that we as a company have carried out this past year and set our legacy in stone for premium private aviation.

With New Year celebrations to the side, it’s now time to look forward to the future and the rest of 2019 and what it has in store for us all.

Here’s a list of events and places you’ll want to jet away with Vertis this coming year!


Fashion week is for the eccentrics, the high fliers and the most respected fashion moguls. To garner access to this crowd you’ll have to book a date and a location that you’d want to attend.

In January you can expect to see the most exorbitant men’s collections, from legendary brands such as Barbour, Cottweiler, C2H4 and A-Cold-Wall plus many more! Locales include London, Paris, Milan and New York, which are four are beautiful multicultural diverse cities, with beautiful art galleries, museums, cafes all to the hearts contempt. All three have landmarks rich with history, so whilst you’re catching up with the latest trends you can also brush up on your history knowledge. It’s a win-win!

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – May 14th to May 25th

There’s not really much that needs to be said about the Cannes Film Festival, but in case you didn’t know, this is where entertainment’s most revered actors, artists, directors and producers converge. The Cannes Film Festival is a European showcase of the brightest talents.

Experience the glitz and glamour alongside high profile names from Hollywood’s red carpet. Tickets and VIP tickets include helicopters from Nice to Cannes, lunch at the world-class Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc, VIP tickets to the famous Cannes Festival House Party and many more benefits.

This is certainly the place to feel like a VIP around other billionaires such as the one and only Paul Allen (Microsoft’s co-founder) who hosts exclusive parties on his private yacht.

ROYAL ASCOT – 18th June – 22nd June

The Royal Ascot is the most prestigious horse racing event in the world. Thousands take the pilgrimage to watch the world’s finest racehorses compete for millions of pounds in prize money, which was at an attractive £7.3m in 2018.

The Royal Ascot is, of course, a royal event. The arrival of the Royal Procession at 2pm sharp marks the beginning of the races and over the five days there’ll be six top-class races which you can take your pick of any of the three of the four enclosures. Each enclosure comes with its own hospitality packages so you can take your visit into your own hands. Unfortunately, the Royal Enclosure is an exclusive invitation-only, just as it was in 1807 when it was exclusively reserved for the guests of King George III.

However, you can still gather in the Queen Anne Enclosure, The Windsor Enclosure and the Village Enclosure. Each set of stands has its own dress code and own celebrations so make sure to take a look into this wonderful event to see what is going on and a quick look on their website for the enclosure you want to visit will tell you what to expect.

If you’re someone who looks for a little more during these events, for example, if you want to have the best seats in the house then maybe a private box is for you.

You can reserve a private box in the more formally dressed areas of the Royal Enclosure and the Queen Anne Enclosure.

GLASTONBURY – 26th – 30th June 2019

Glastonbury festival in the heart of Somerset in England, is a performing arts event that features the best of contemporary music including dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other illustrious arts.

Regarded by the public as a major event in British culture, the festival is heavily inspired by the missions of the hippier, counterculture and free festival movements. Its vibrant iconography and level of performers have only scaled in size. With the festival being streamed all over the world, it’s no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action.

There’s a select choice of accommodation at the festival such as tipis which cost £1075 to hire and can house up to 6 people, pre-erected camping, camping or campervans and caravans. You can take your pick to get the most out of your stay.

Tickets are currently sold out and they fly fast. But Glastonbury has announced that they will be issuing out a ticket resale on April 2019 so you may get a chance to go to this prestigious festival.

This was just a quick glance at some events that will be happening in 2019. We hope that you’ll fly with Vertis when going on these trips for all your aviation needs. We’ll be there for you cater what you have in mind we’ll be happy to talk.

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