Are you maximising your aircraft charter revenue?

Find out how the Vertis Charter Management Program can boost your charter revenue without the need to change operator. No setup costs or monthly fees.

Increase your existing charter revenue without changing your trusted operator.

We know many aircraft owners prefer to have their aircraft managed by the bigger management companies in the industry. Being under the umbrella of an established operator with a large fleet provides multiple benefits through their economies of scale. However, some aircraft owners may feel left out or disappointed when they look at the charter hours achieved on their aircraft.

Often for operators, promoting charter on your aircraft is not their core business and charter-flying hours are not maximised. However, for an aircraft owner, charter revenue can significantly contribute to the ongoing running costs of the aircraft and it is in your interest that your aircraft keeps flying, bringing in as much revenue as possible.

Keeping your aircraft flying is in our interest too. The Vertis Charter Management Program acts as your own boutique charter sales agency, dedicated to promoting charter on your unique aircraft, all while you continue to enjoy the benefits of your preferred operator.

There are no setup costs or monthly fees to you. To date, Vertis Aviation has helped achieve more charter hours for a growing number of aircraft owners. We can help you too!

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