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Dassault Falcon 7X (GB)

The Falcon 7X is the most recent edition to the Dassault corporate jet family and the first of their aircraft to operate a fly by wire flight control system. The Falcon 7X is fast and luxurious. And with its three engines has exceptional short field performance, allowing you to fly into smaller airports closer to your destination. The aircraft seats 12 passengers and can comfortably fly between city pairs such as London to Los Angeles or Milan to Cape Town.

Entry into service 2009
Crew 2 cockpit crew and 1 flight attendant
Seating/sleeping configuration 12 passengers or 6 sleeping
Maximum Range 5,000 nm
Entertainment & communication Satellite telephone, High Speed WiFi, multi-region DVD & Airshow
Cabin length 39.1 ft (11.9 m)
Cabin width 7.80 ft (2.34 m)
Cabin height 6.20 ft (1.88 m)
Operating Partner TriAir Bermuda Ltd
Home Base Bournemouth BOH